Fingers crossed

I called my Doctor today to find out if my blood tests had come back yet. I was hoping they would tell me something that I could hold on to until our next appointment on February 7th. The receptionist put me on hold for what felt like forever and when she finally returned she said that the Doctor would like me to have another sonogram done before our next appointment. I asked her if there was something wrong and she said no. For some reason (am I becoming an optimist?!) I believed her. So we made the next sonogram appointment for Monday. Yay! Fingers crossed for good news!

In other news, we’re driving up to Lake Arrowhead this weekend with some friends. Hope it isn’t too cold!

UPDATE: Here we are in Arrowhead (upper right hand corner). It WAS cold!



Our first (dis)appointment.

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment and it was a little disappointing. I’m thinking maybe my expectations were too high. Here’s how it went:

Asaf and I sat in the examination room and when the Doctor arrived he asked some questions about our family medical history. He said according to his calculations I was about 12 weeks pregnant. That was shocking! Then, as he flipped through my files, he said that on second thought, perhaps it was more like 6 weeks by the looks of my bloodwork. He briefly attempted looking for the baby  (I’m aware it’s technical term at this stage is embryo) via ultrasound but said he couldn’t find it. Since I’ve been having pain he ordered an ultrasound at the Imaging Center and a few frantic calls (made by me) later we were scheduled for that afternoon.

The sonogram tech was super chatty which was a little odd since I’d always heard they weren’t allowed to say much. She showed us the gestational sac but said she could not see anything inside of it. When she said that, tears started streaming down my face. I had so badly wanted to see something. She tried to console me by telling me that she felt it was just too early but, I just shrugged and quickly changed back into my clothes. We went home heavy hearted.

Note to Baby: Hang in there and grow, grow, GROW! We love you!


Passing tests

For about a week now I’ve been waking up with intense pains in the middle of the night. I was recently told my iron levels are low so I’ve been taking a high dosage of iron and folic acid supplements daily. I started to worry that they might be doing more harm then good ( I had actually self diagnosed myself with kidney stones with the assistance of Dr. Google) so I called to schedule another appointment with my Doctor. The earliest appointment was over a week away so in the meantime I let work and my social calendar distract me.

Last night I met up with my fake cousin Gaby for sushi. I stuffed my face with spicy tuna and all sorts of other deliciousness over girl talk. It was fab. When I got home late that night, I chatted with Asaf a bit and then, on a whim, I decided to take a pregnancy test. At first I couldn’t tell if there was a second line in the test window so I asked Asaf to come take a look. Matter of factly he said “I see two lines. What does that mean?” As I stood there feeling guilty about all the sushi I had just consumed, his face revealed the biggest grin I’d ever seen…and then he made me take another test. The second test was digital and it practically shouted at us “Pregnant”! Ahh!1781385_10203364627423522_1881842515_n

Note to Baby: Sorry for the sushi!