Our first (dis)appointment.

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment and it was a little disappointing. I’m thinking maybe my expectations were too high. Here’s how it went:

Asaf and I sat in the examination room and when the Doctor arrived he asked some questions about our family medical history. He said according to his calculations I was about 12 weeks pregnant. That was shocking! Then, as he flipped through my files, he said that on second thought, perhaps it was more like 6 weeks by the looks of my bloodwork. He briefly attempted looking for the baby  (I’m aware it’s technical term at this stage is embryo) via ultrasound but said he couldn’t find it. Since I’ve been having pain he ordered an ultrasound at the Imaging Center and a few frantic calls (made by me) later we were scheduled for that afternoon.

The sonogram tech was super chatty which was a little odd since I’d always heard they weren’t allowed to say much. She showed us the gestational sac but said she could not see anything inside of it. When she said that, tears started streaming down my face. I had so badly wanted to see something. She tried to console me by telling me that she felt it was just too early but, I just shrugged and quickly changed back into my clothes. We went home heavy hearted.

Note to Baby: Hang in there and grow, grow, GROW! We love you!


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