A picture’s worth a thousand words

We saw our baby today! It was amazing! Our tech today was the polar opposite of the last sonogram technician. She hardly said a word to us while she was searching and typing and clicking away on the sonogram machine. It was driving me bananas! Whenever I would try and crane my neck around to see the monitor she would ask me to lay back down. From time to time I peeked over at Asaf, searching his puzzled face for some good news. He looked back at me hopeful but unsure.

A zillion years later she said she would show us some images! She turned the monitor to face us and pointing to a little spot on the screen she said, “There’s your baby”. It was music to my ears (!!!) and when she followed that up with “That little blinking circle is your baby’s heartbeat” I wanted to cry. After we reviewed a few more angles she printed up several images and  handed them to Asaf. “First pictures” she said. Absolutely incredible! We’re on Cloud 9!

First picture of our little peanut!

First picture of our little peanut!

Note to Baby: You are our best news ever!


One thought on “A picture’s worth a thousand words

  1. If there was ever a reason why you were given the gift to write, this would be it. I’m so happy for you and Asaf! I can not wait to continue to read about this journey you are on.


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