Friday I’m in Love – 9 Weeks

We’re officially nine weeks (plus one day) and it’s Valentine’s Day! So much to celebrate. My heart is bursting with happiness!

I woke up early this morning and decided to try out the fetal doppler my Mom gave us. I was lying on the couch, a bit discouraged when a sleepy eyed Asaf walked into the room. I gave him an exaggerated frown (I can be dramatic in the mornings) and asked if he wanted to give it a shot. Just a moment after handing over the wand, we heard a heartbeat! Looks like Baby is hanging out on my right side!

Here’s my 9 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 1-2 lbs? (This could just be last night’s dinner.)

Cravings: Fruit! This week I’m finding it hard to think about real food (don’t worry. I’m still eating!). I much prefer all types of fruit.

What I miss: Coffee. Soft cheese. Wine (I bet wine misses me too).

What I’m excited about: Finally recovering from my cold! Cute maternity pants that I found on sale! Hearing a heartbeat today on our portable doppler!

What I’m nervous about: Picking out Baby’s name. So far our short list is … very short! Good thing we still have plenty of time before our Little One arrives!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you love, love, LOVE, today and always!

And now, for your listening pleasure: The Cure


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