First Trimester Screening – Check!

Yesterday was our First Trimester Screening at Cedars Sinai. Hands down, it was our best appointment yet, and I’m not saying that just because they had snacks in the waiting room (but let’s face it, that was a plus). Everyone was so friendly and the Tech really took the time to point out different things to us such as the placenta, Baby’s spine, brain, bladder, etc. We heard Baby’s heartbeat too! 166 bpm strong and steady! Also, we learned we have a wiggly worm on our hands! Our Baby did NOT want to stay still for measurements and pictures. He/She was moving and kicking and stretching all over the place! We even caught what we think to be a little yawn! 🙂

Afterwards, the Doctor came by and reviewed each image with us. She explained the rest of the screening process and what would happen next (wait 7 days for blood results/come back at 18 weeks). Since we didn’t have any questions, she sent the nurse in to take some blood.

I always have a REALLY hard time giving blood because I have small veins. There are times I end up with arms like a heroin addict, 4 or 5 bruises up and down my arms. So I always go in with my standard warning: “I have small veins. I bruise easy. I drank some water, hopefully that helps. You may need to draw from my hand. Good luck (to us both)”. Well, this Phlebotomist had no problem at all! Instead of looking for a vein she felt around for one (gently! Read: She didn’t have to smack my arm a bunch of times!). Needless to say I thanked her profusely and then proceeded to reward myself with a Ritz cracker pack (the peanut butter kind) on the way out.

And now, without further adieu – meet our Baby! A real cutie if I do say so myself! 😛



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