The Bump Goes International (14 weeks)

Updating the blog this week from Israel while “resting” which is one of my approved pregnant Daughter-In-Law activities. In case you are wondering, other allowed activities include eating, sitting, eating, walking (slowly of course) and oh yes, eating :). This is one well fed bump!

Asaf and I like to sometimes take “side trips” when we go on vacation and this time we decided on a 8 hour stop in London. Upon arrival we took the Tube to Piccadilly Circus which by the way, isn’t a circus at all! 😉 We walked around Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, St. James Park and The National Gallery. Then, like good little tourists, we ate fish and chips and chicken pie in a local pub. One dead camera battery later, we took the Tube back to Heathrow and were on our way to Israel.

In front of the gates at Buckingham Palace.

In front of the gates at Buckingham Palace.

We’ve been here 4 days and aside from eating, we’ve mainly been relaxing and catching up with friends. So far week 14’s main topic is Baby’s gender. Most agree with Asaf’s theory which is that Baby is a boy but, I’ve still got a few stragglers with me who say we are expecting a girl. Only time will tell and we all agree that our only true hope is for a healthy, happy baby (and it would be awesome if they liked to sleep through the night too!)

This week marks 14 weeks with a bun (now the size of a lemon) in the oven. This week our little bun is starting to make faces (funny ones I’m sure), suck his/her thumb and (this one is kinda gross) pee!



Here’s my 14 week update:

Total weight gain so far: I have no idea. I haven’t been on a scale in daaaays!

Cravings: Hard to say. As previously mentioned, no one let’s me go hungry here and everything is delicious.

What I miss: My skin! I don’t know what all this talk is about “glowing skin”. My face is so dry and I’ve got pimples for the first time in years!

What I’m excited about: Brother-in-law’s wedding this coming week. Really looking forward to seeing people we haven’t seen since our own wedding here last June.

What I’m nervous about: Getting back on a 10 hour flight next Saturday.

Note to Baby: Hope you’re enjoying all the hummus! Daddy says he’s sure you are!


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