It’s a Boy! (Plus, a talk with my son)

So folks, Daddy was right. We’re having a boy!

Our Facebook/Instagram announcement

Our Facebook/Instagram announcement

Straight talk: I freaked out a little. I come from a family of hilarious, crazy, strong willed, independent women and at first I was terrified at the idea of having a little boy. I felt lost and unprepared. Now what? What do boys like? Sure, he’s got a Dad to teach him about sports and peeing straight, what about me? I started to consider what our relationship would be like. So, Friday on my way to work, I had a little heart to heart (the first of many I’m sure) with my boy. And this is how it went:

I love you. I love you more than either of us can even begin to imagine. But I’m scared. This motherhood business is awfully daunting and the world of “boydom” feels so foreign. I promise to do my very best. I promise to dress you in colors other than blue. I will try not scream when you hand me your new “friend” who happens to be a snail, spider or frog. I know that you will probably want to make your Legos into guns which you will then use to shoot me. I will shoot you back instead of having hurt feelings. You will jump off of the furniture and you will get hurt. I will try to keep my yelling to a minimum when we have to take you to the emergency room. After all, you are your Father’s son! I will raise you to be gentle and respectful while embracing your need to run wild and play in the mud. We will laugh together and cry together. I will kiss your boo-boos. And since we’re on the topic of kissing, we will hug and kiss often because even though you’re a boy, you’re still my baby.

This is going to be a great adventure. I can’t wait.


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