Moving (and an avocado) – 16 weeks!

It’s been a big, BIG week for The Urielis! As you know, we had an exciting ultrasound last Thursday (horrible, painful blood draw followed by an exciting ultrasound). Aside from the big gender reveal, we got to hear Baby Boy’s heartbeat again. Strong and steady at 160 bpm and Doctor says his measurements are right up to standard (11.8 cm = 4.15 inches). Once again he was VERY active during our ultrasound. I have a feeling that this little guy will definitely be keeping us on our toes!


Doing a little elbow to knee action!

Our avocado sized little one is doing more than the macarena in there too! His little heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day(!!!), and this amount will only continue to increase as he develops. 1396845564503 In non-baby related news, we got the keys to our new condo yesterday! We took the first set of boxes over last night and are moving in little by little throughout the week. Hoping to have everything done by Saturday. I’m officially a Valley Girl! Like, totally! 😉

Here’s my 16 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 5-7 lbs. Even though our bathroom scale still says 7, my Doctor said according to his records, I’ve only gained 5. Who am I to argue? 😉

Cravings: Sunday I was *seriously* jonesing for a corn dog. Can someone please tell me why Wienerschnitzel doesn’t deliver?

What I miss: NOT being sleepy. I sometimes nap after work and I’m in bed before 10 most nights. I can’t wait for this elusive 2nd trimester “energy boost” to kick in.

What I’m excited about: Blood work from First Trimester Screen came back normal. Moving into our new place! Passover dinner next week with friends. Furniture shopping! Getting back to the gym. (Asaf made me say that last one but I guess it’s still kinda true)

New this week: Stuffy/runny nose. Not sure if this is due to allergies or rhinitis of pregnancy. Annoying regardless of the source.

Note to Baby: Hope you like our new home! We’ll be working on your room soon!


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