Week 33 – Mucus & Maternity Photos

I’m going to be honest with you, this week has been a little rough. I started feeling really stressed out Thursday and Saturday I began having some rather intense Braxton Hicks contractions. Also, (WARNING: this might be is definitely TMI) I’m pretty sure I’m in the process of losing my mucus plug. (I’ll spare you the details. Ew). Aside from THAT, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to sit, stand, breathe and/or sleep for any prolonged amount of time… And yet, I still feel like a major turd for complaining because the fact of the matter is, I’m so damn happy we’ve made it this far. 33 weeks down! 6 weeks to go!

Did you notice I said 6? Today I had a visit with my OB and she confirmed what I pretty much already knew, this stubborn baby of ours didn’t turn! And at this point, there’s a good chance he won’t. So we’re scheduled for a C-Section on September 12th at noon. They’ll slice me open and pull a baby out! How bizarre!

Anyways, I’m not all gruesome news today. I’ve got some nice stuff to share too. Maternity photos by the lovely Carissa Woo!

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-76

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-94

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-54

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-8

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-44

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-102

They say Liam is about the length of a pineapple now (17-19 inches) and weighs nearly 5 lbs this week. Highlights include building his own immune system and learning to differentiate between light and dark/night and day. Let’s hope he’s working extra hard at that last one! 😉

My 33 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 23 pounds

Cravings: Fruit. Is it just me or is the fruit this summer especially good? Also, juice and occasionally an Oreo cookie.

What I’m excited about: Asaf’s Mom booked her plane ticket! She’ll arrive a few weeks after Liam comes home and will stay almost a month. I am looking forward to her help and also her cooking!

What I’m nervous about: Aside from the c-section news, my OB said I need to work on taking it easy and staying hydrated. If I push myself too much I risk going into early labor. 😦 I am considering taking my maternity leave one week earlier than I originally planned.

New this week: Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re no joke!

Note to Baby: You spend a lot of time tucked under my diaphragm and today you were hiding behind my belly button. I can’t wait to see what kind of mischief you’ll be up to once you’re out!