8 weeks

This week I was unwillingly granted a superpower – an incredible sense of smell! I can smell a dirty diaper from a mile away! And it doesn’t stop there! A full trashcan, a co-worker heating up fish downstairs, Daddy’s breath from the garlic ramen he had earlier for lunch…nothing escapes this nose! Sadly, even good smells – like my favorite scented lotion has become overwhelming!

Baby is the size of a raspberry this week and developing webbed fingers and toes! Quack quack! (Just kidding). Also, his (or her) eyelids just about cover your eyeballs now. I bet that’s a relief. Hey Baby, maybe now you can get some shut eye (har har har – these Mom jokes just keep on acomin’)!

I’m We’re (but let’s be honest…Abba’s got no stomach for the crying) sleep training Liam this week and little by little, seeing some progress. I hope he’ll be sleeping through the night by the weekend! Sorry new kid, you’re getting sleep trained at 6 months. I totally regret not doing this sooner.

8 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 0 – still fitting into my jeans (for now!)

Cravings: This is a bit embarrassing buuuuut – McDonald’s Egg McMuffins (served all day at the McD’s by my work, praise baby Jesus) and Haribo gummy bears.

What I’m excited about: No morning sickness!

What I’m nervous about: How will we handle two kids under two? How will Liam adjust? Are we crazy? (and other like-minded rants)

New this week: Cut down caffeine. Just a half a cup (or can) of coffee/Coke every other day. Hey, gotta start somewhere!

Note to Baby: You picked a crazy family to join but, I really think you’re gonna like it here! Love you already!