10 weeks

Baby is 10 weeks today! This week it is the size of a kumquat! While we’re all out here enjoying this unseasonable “Fall” weather, he or she is inside, forming tiny finger and toenails this week! I’m sure this baby will come out with long claws, just like Liam. I had to cut his nails the day after he was born!

At my last doctor’s appointment, we were able to check out Baby #2 on the ultrasound machine. And the most incredible thing happened! It waved at us! We were so surprised and only slightly weirded out! Asaf and I looked at each other, unsure of what we saw but, even the Doctor said “Hey! Baby is saying “Hi, Mom and Dad!” We discussed a tentative c-section date of April 21st but, it’s likely things will progress a little sooner. We’ll just have to wait and see!


This coming week I am going back to the doctor to listen to Baby’s heartbeat and also have some blood tests done. Then, in just a few weeks, we’ll be in second trimester territory! Woo hoo! That’s when we’re planning to tell all our family and friends the news. I am sure everyone will be so excited!

I am mostly feeling good although there are times when I feel something best described as motion sickness – a little nauseous and slightly dizzy. It’s kind of ironic since, unfortunately, I’ve been a bit of a lazy bones lately. It seems there is so much to get done and what I want to do most is take a nap! Asaf has been picking up the slack by cooking more, taking over dish duty some days and taking L to daycare in the mornings.

I am most hungry in the mornings and not very hungry in the evenings although I’ve been forcing myself to eat something anyways. The thing that sounds the most appealing now is gummy bears! Other than that, trying to remember to drink lots of water and take my daily vitamin. I’m gaining weight – maybe three pounds so far – mostly around my mid-section but, I had forgotten how awkward this first stage can be. I definitely don’t look pregnant yet but I wouldn’t be the least surprised if some are wondering if I’ve begun to “let myself go”. hahahah

10 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 2-3 lbs? This is an estimate since we haven’t replaced our busted scale yet.

Cravings: Aforementioned gummy bears

What I’m excited about: Second trimester is just around the corner. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is moving along.

What I’m nervous about: The dizziness is no fun. Hope this doesn’t last.

New this week: It’s just about time to start moving into maternity clothes!

Note to Baby: Nice wave! I see you’re an overachiever 😉