Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Dear Baby,

Friday I missed the call from our Doctor. I was so upset about it! To make matters worse, she closes early on Friday and so I had to wait allllllllll weekend to find out the results of the blood tests I did the week before. It was agonizing and last night I had so much trouble sleeping.

But it was totally worth the wait! This morning I called the Doctor myself as soon as the office opened and she confirmed that all the tests came back low risk (whew!) and that you are a healthy little GIRL! The only thing she did mention was that my iron counts are a little low. This has happened before – just before I found out I was pregnant with L. She called in a prescription for an iron supplement and in addition, I’ll be adding more spinach and liver into the mix. No biggie. Abba and I just bought this super cool new blender so I’ll be using that to sneak in spinach (will not be using it for the liver lol)

When I called Abba to tell him the good news he thought that I was joking. First I told him that all the tests came back low risk. He was so relieved. Then I told him that you’re a girl and he was so happy! His exact words were “I didn’t think I could do that!” Hahaha He wanted to call Safta and Saba right away. They were happy too! I also called Grandma – today is her birthday! She was surprised but very excited.

It’s so funny, I felt that this pregnancy was so different from my last, but, I didn’t want to say it out loud. This is so unexpected. We’ve been referring to you as a “he” all along! Sorry about that! Gee, I just feel so lucky. Now we’ll have the best of both worlds. 🙂