16 weeks

Week 16, you weren’t so sweet. This week I came down with whatever it was that Liam had. It was awful and I even spread a lil somethin’ somethin’ to Asaf (although, thankfully he seems to be recovering in record time which I am thrilled about because, let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that a sick husband when you’re carrying an avocado sized baby in your belly and you’ve got a booger filled Little AND you’re feeling less than 100 yourself).

temp funny file

Let’s talk some more about that little avocado though, shall we? This week her eyes have started moving back and forth, even though her eyelids are still sealed shut. Also, she now has eyelashes and eyebrows. Hopefully she won’t inherit my crazy eyebrows. Actually, scratch that. Crazy eyebrows can be tamed. I’d hate it if she didn’t have any eyebrows at all!

Week 16 update:

Total weight gain so far: Next week I promise this number will be more accurate. I’m going to the doctor on the 20th. For now, let’s guesstimate 8.

Cravings: More soup this week. I finally got around to roasting the pumpkin Liam painted for Halloween (see below) and I made it into a pumpkin, apple, carrot soup. I used a recipe from Pioneer woman (found here  if you’re the curious type) but, it wasn’t coming out so great so I had to improvise by adding the apple and carrots and additional spices. Turned out very nice but, not sure I can ever make it the same way again! hahaha

What I’m excited about: Liam and I have enrolled in Gymboree and I’m setting up all sorts of play dates for him. Also, I’ve gone through his newborn – 6 months clothes and sorted out all the things that 2.0 can use. I’m happy to announce that there is quite a lot since I’ve always loved a girl in navy blue and gray 😉 Just need to add a few pink hair bows.

What I’m nervous about:Preparing for our trip next month to Israel. A bit nervous about the 12 hour flight!

New this week: Started making a list of things we need for 2.0. So far: bouncer, bottle warmer, new cushion for nursing chair, baby carrier. How did we survive without these things before? Easy. We didn’t. We borrowed these for Liam and have since given them back 🙂


15 weeks

Last week we finally made our big announcement!




babygirl_party hat

I decided to switch things up a little for the Instagram announcement since many of my Instagram followers are also Facebook friends. Plus, I’ve been dying to share an ultrasound photo! I think it’s so adorable when expectant parents add little bows or bow ties to sonogram pictures to indicate gender. But, I wanted to be a little different so I chose a party hat. After all, it’s time to celebrate! Woot woot!

Baby girl is now the size of a navel orange and looking more like a human and less like a (cute) fish every day! She is learning to wiggle her fingers and toes and may even be able to suck her thumb! How adorable!

In unrelated news, it seems like Liam has caught that little bug that was/is goin’ around. It started out as a little cough and then a runny nose early in the week. I was hoping *really* hard that it wouldn’t get worse. I pumped that little guy full of (the recommended dose/s) of Hyland’s Tiny Cold tablets and Zarbees Baby vitamin supplements daily, dressed him like we were heading North for the Winter AND put Vick’s on his feet before bed. By Thursday it looked like I was winning the war. But here we are, the following Wednesday — with a nose full of boogies.  ::shrug::

Aside from battling boogers, I’ve been keeping busy cooking and trying to keep our house from looking like a tornado ran through it. And of course, entertaining the little dude. We have to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just for a walk to the grocery store or a quick trip to the park. If not, we’ll go cuckoo bananas!

Week 15 update:

Total weight gain so far: No idea. My guess is 10 pounds?

Cravings: It’s been (finally) getting a little cooler here so I made Asaf’s Mom’s sweet potato soup this week. Always good.

What I’m excited about: Finally revealed our big “secret”. Feels great to share our news with everyone!

What I’m nervous about: Got some not-so-great news about health insurance this week. Geez – it’s so pricey!

New this week: Waking up STARVING! Like, “I am getting married in a week and the dress is two sizes too small” starving. Not so fun. I’d rather sleep!

Note to Baby: We’ve started talking about what your name might be! I have this idea that I thought of, even before I knew you were coming… ooo so exciting!

14 weeks – Momemployment

The last two weeks, well, I’m not even sure how to describe them or where to begin. Days after writing my last post, in which we found out Baby 2 is a girl, and just ONE day before we left for our AMAZING Hawaiian vacation, I was laid off from work. After roughly eight years, several of my colleagues and I were pulled into a meeting and told that our positions were being eliminated as part of a company re-organization. I was shocked, I was upset and…dare I say, I was a little relieved. It was a dead end job and I was going no where – slowly. Sure, the timing could be better – but all it meant was that my family needed to go through a little re-organization of our own.

So here I am, 14 weeks pregnant and a newly appointed stay-at-home Mom. 

I’ve been working steadily since I was 18 years old. I’ve been at 4 companies, held 6 job titles and gone through 3 layoffs. And all of that has led me here, to this little guy- the best and most demanding boss I’ve ever had.


After almost two weeks, I can honestly say we’re still adjusting. . . but it’s so great. Even when it’s challenging, it’s so worth it. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend this time with him. And while I do plan on going back to work eventually (not sure my chances at being hired pregnant are so great), for now, I really think this is where I belong.

Week 14 update:

Total weight gain so far: Not sure…6 lbs? 7? Haven’t been to the doctor again yet

Cravings: Now that I’m home, I’m cooking just about every day and not eating so much junk food. The one thing I ate the most this week? Kiwi!

What I’m excited about: Have not had any dizzy spells since week 12. Whew!

What I’m nervous about: Mild back pain. Need to incorporate more stretching.

New this week: Official Facebook announcement tonight!

Note to Baby: I think I felt you this week. Could it be? Was that you? Kick twice if you’re diggin’ this blog. 😉