Weeks 17-23 Because I Suck At Blogging

Over the last few weeks, I thought about blogging several times. I also thought (a lot) about abandoning the whole project. But, I feel like I must keep on, no matter how behind I’ve gotten. Not for me, for her. I want our daughter to have these entries — to know that she was just as important, just as loved as her big brother. But, as you can see, it hasn’t been easy! We’ve been pretty busy! Let me fill you in…

We went to Israel again! This visit was especially nice because we got to celebrate Hannukah and Asaf’s Dad’s birthday. Also, we have a lot of friends there with kids around Liam’s age and we really got a kick out of watching them play and interact together for the first time. The trip itself was a lot of fun and in case you’re wondering Liam slept during 90% of the flights (score!!!). BUT, I do have to admit that we did have our challenges. It took Liam 10 days (out of 13) to adjust to the time change…and a week to adjust back. Heavy sigh.

Christmas came and went. Asaf got sick and then Liam got sick. For Christmas Santa brought me a superb immune system, which I’m crediting to prenatals, and stuffed A&L’s stockings with plenty of Kleenex.

Second trimester anatomy scan went well. Our little Ladybug measured 14oz with a strong, steady heartbeat of 145bpm.  During the last few weeks she has been doing so much growing and by the end of this month, she will have doubled in size! It’s strange to think that her skin is still translucent but on the ultrasounds, she looks great! At our last appointment, we even caught her  yawning (awwww)!

Liam is also going through a growth spurt! He’s pretty much eating us out of house and home lately but, I’m so thankful that he isn’t a picky eater. Last night we had sushi and he ate eel, seaweed salad and shrimp tempura! He’s also sleeping well and has finally adjusted to one long daily nap. Every day I am shocked at how big my little boy is getting and how much he is starting to resemble his Aba!


I just love this face!

Week 23 update:

Total weight gain so far: I’m up 17 pounds now which is 4 more than I gained at this point with Liam. To be honest, I’m shocked it isn’t more! 😛

Cravings: This girl is a bad influence! Over the last few weeks I’ve craved rice krispy treats, bean burritos and french fries! With Liam I was dreaming about french toast and nectarines!

What I’m excited about: Baby girl is kicking all the time and I just love it! Asaf has been able to feel her and thinks she might be a future soccer player!

What I’m nervous about: Soon Liam will be transitioning back to part-time daycare. I’m hopeful it will go smoothly but, always find myself preparing for the worst.

New this week: Scouting out diaper deals. Time to start stocking up!

Note to Baby: We love you so much and are constantly thinking/talking about your upcoming arrival. Please know that my lapse in entries does not reflect lack of thought. Xoxo Baby Girl!