Week 28

This week I’ve been having a ton of weird dreams. First, I had a funny dream which pretty much revolved around a strawberry pie that my friend Donna made. And the next night I dreamt that I, very nonchalantly, gave birth in my Grandma’s bathtub! I was taking a bath and then, as I leaned over, the baby just slid right out! She didn’t cry but, I clearly remember her looking up at me with a puzzled expression. I cleaned her up, wrapped her up in a towel (no messy cord or placenta to worry about in my dream birth) and praised her for such a quick and painless arrival. Haha! If only!

And according to this, I may not be the only one dreaming!

Dreaming about your baby at 28 weeks pregnant? Your baby may be dreaming about you, too. Brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase — the stage when dreaming occurs.

via http://www.whattoexpect.com

Oh, what could my little eggplant be dreaming about?

In other news, Liam went back to (part-time) daycare this week and it’s been an adjustment for the both of us. On the one hand, I feel like I have so much time to myself now! Between yesterday and today I was able to clean, go shopping, enjoy a free bagel at Noah’s Bagels (it was national bagel day!), indulge in a MUCH needed manicure/pedicure, get a haircut AND take the mom-mobile to the car wash! But, I just can’t help missing my little guy! No matter how much I get done, the best part of my day is picking him up from daycare and getting the best. hugs. ever!

Week 28 update:

Total weight gain so far: No clue as I have yet to step on the scale after last week’s revelation. Guess you’ll have to wait for next week!

Cravings: I waited anxiously for my glucose test results this week which only made me crave the sugar I was trying to avoid. So, I had a boatload of mandarin oranges (fresh, not the canned ones – although those are pretty good too).

What I’m excited about: I passed my glucose test! Hip Hip Hooray! My iron is still a little low so my Doctor suggested more red meat, leafy greens and …red grapes! I love red grapes (I especially love when grapes turn into wine but that’s another story for another day)! How did I not know that these were high in iron?

What I’m nervous about: Writing out birth plan scenarios this week. Even though I hope to go the planned c-section route, there are so many unknowns. :/ Plus, we will need to rely on others for help with Liam and I just hate being a burden.

New this week: Booked a newborn/family session this week! So excited about that! Also, received the swaddle blanket I mentioned in last week’s post. I can’t wait to wrap our girl up in it!