14 weeks – Momemployment

The last two weeks, well, I’m not even sure how to describe them or where to begin. Days after writing my last post, in which we found out Baby 2 is a girl, and just ONE day before we left for our AMAZING Hawaiian vacation, I was laid off from work. After roughly eight years, several of my colleagues and I were pulled into a meeting and told that our positions were being eliminated as part of a company re-organization. I was shocked, I was upset and…dare I say, I was a little relieved. It was a dead end job and I was going no where – slowly. Sure, the timing could be better – but all it meant was that my family needed to go through a little re-organization of our own.

So here I am, 14 weeks pregnant and a newly appointed stay-at-home Mom. 

I’ve been working steadily since I was 18 years old. I’ve been at 4 companies, held 6 job titles and gone through 3 layoffs. And all of that has led me here, to this little guy- the best and most demanding boss I’ve ever had.


After almost two weeks, I can honestly say we’re still adjusting. . . but it’s so great. Even when it’s challenging, it’s so worth it. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend this time with him. And while I do plan on going back to work eventually (not sure my chances at being hired pregnant are so great), for now, I really think this is where I belong.

Week 14 update:

Total weight gain so far: Not sure…6 lbs? 7? Haven’t been to the doctor again yet

Cravings: Now that I’m home, I’m cooking just about every day and not eating so much junk food. The one thing I ate the most this week? Kiwi!

What I’m excited about: Have not had any dizzy spells since week 12. Whew!

What I’m nervous about: Mild back pain. Need to incorporate more stretching.

New this week: Official Facebook announcement tonight!

Note to Baby: I think I felt you this week. Could it be? Was that you? Kick twice if you’re diggin’ this blog. 😉


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Dear Baby,

Friday I missed the call from our Doctor. I was so upset about it! To make matters worse, she closes early on Friday and so I had to wait allllllllll weekend to find out the results of the blood tests I did the week before. It was agonizing and last night I had so much trouble sleeping.

But it was totally worth the wait! This morning I called the Doctor myself as soon as the office opened and she confirmed that all the tests came back low risk (whew!) and that you are a healthy little GIRL! The only thing she did mention was that my iron counts are a little low. This has happened before – just before I found out I was pregnant with L. She called in a prescription for an iron supplement and in addition, I’ll be adding more spinach and liver into the mix. No biggie. Abba and I just bought this super cool new blender so I’ll be using that to sneak in spinach (will not be using it for the liver lol)

When I called Abba to tell him the good news he thought that I was joking. First I told him that all the tests came back low risk. He was so relieved. Then I told him that you’re a girl and he was so happy! His exact words were “I didn’t think I could do that!” Hahaha He wanted to call Safta and Saba right away. They were happy too! I also called Grandma – today is her birthday! She was surprised but very excited.

It’s so funny, I felt that this pregnancy was so different from my last, but, I didn’t want to say it out loud. This is so unexpected. We’ve been referring to you as a “he” all along! Sorry about that! Gee, I just feel so lucky. Now we’ll have the best of both worlds. 🙂

12 weeks

Last Friday, I had 11 vials of blood drawn (!!!). My Doctor wanted to run a full panel of tests to screen for any chromosomal abnormalities. As a bonus, we’ll get to find out if Baby 2.0 is a girl or a boy in just under a week! I am supposed to go to a different hospital to have our first trimester ultrasound done by a Perinatologist, but, it looks like the referral is taking longer than it’s supposed to. Here’s the trouble, we have to have this done prior to 13 weeks 5 days. Since we’re all flying to Hawaii next Thursday, I won’t be available to see the Doctor Thursday or Friday. That leaves us with only 4 days to have the ultrasound done. I’m getting quite nervous and well, I’ll be honest…everyone I’ve talked to is a complete idiot  I’m not getting much assistance from the Doctors’ offices.

In better news, this week Baby 2 is developing reflexes. His or her fingers are opening and closing and their tiny little toes are curling! Baby is now roughly the size of a lime. I can’t believe that we’re already so close to the end of first trimester! It seems like things are moving really fast this time around. We still haven’t publicly revealed that we’re expecting yet. Although I can be a bit of a loudmouth, I really enjoy this early time, having this secret all to ourselves.

Week 12 update:

Total weight gain so far: 5 lbs according to the scale at the Doctor’s office.

Cravings: Breakfast food – Eggs and cheese! Come to Mama!

What I’m excited about: Finding out if you are a girl or a boy. Our trip next week to Hawaii.

What I’m nervous about: A few days ago I felt so dizzy in the shower and I had to sit down. That was scary!

New this week: Officially in maternity pants – and loving it!

Note to Baby: Spent a lot of time this week thinking about how much your brother will love you. He has so much love to give. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

10 weeks

Baby is 10 weeks today! This week it is the size of a kumquat! While we’re all out here enjoying this unseasonable “Fall” weather, he or she is inside, forming tiny finger and toenails this week! I’m sure this baby will come out with long claws, just like Liam. I had to cut his nails the day after he was born!

At my last doctor’s appointment, we were able to check out Baby #2 on the ultrasound machine. And the most incredible thing happened! It waved at us! We were so surprised and only slightly weirded out! Asaf and I looked at each other, unsure of what we saw but, even the Doctor said “Hey! Baby is saying “Hi, Mom and Dad!” We discussed a tentative c-section date of April 21st but, it’s likely things will progress a little sooner. We’ll just have to wait and see!


This coming week I am going back to the doctor to listen to Baby’s heartbeat and also have some blood tests done. Then, in just a few weeks, we’ll be in second trimester territory! Woo hoo! That’s when we’re planning to tell all our family and friends the news. I am sure everyone will be so excited!

I am mostly feeling good although there are times when I feel something best described as motion sickness – a little nauseous and slightly dizzy. It’s kind of ironic since, unfortunately, I’ve been a bit of a lazy bones lately. It seems there is so much to get done and what I want to do most is take a nap! Asaf has been picking up the slack by cooking more, taking over dish duty some days and taking L to daycare in the mornings.

I am most hungry in the mornings and not very hungry in the evenings although I’ve been forcing myself to eat something anyways. The thing that sounds the most appealing now is gummy bears! Other than that, trying to remember to drink lots of water and take my daily vitamin. I’m gaining weight – maybe three pounds so far – mostly around my mid-section but, I had forgotten how awkward this first stage can be. I definitely don’t look pregnant yet but I wouldn’t be the least surprised if some are wondering if I’ve begun to “let myself go”. hahahah

10 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 2-3 lbs? This is an estimate since we haven’t replaced our busted scale yet.

Cravings: Aforementioned gummy bears

What I’m excited about: Second trimester is just around the corner. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is moving along.

What I’m nervous about: The dizziness is no fun. Hope this doesn’t last.

New this week: It’s just about time to start moving into maternity clothes!

Note to Baby: Nice wave! I see you’re an overachiever 😉

8 weeks

This week I was unwillingly granted a superpower – an incredible sense of smell! I can smell a dirty diaper from a mile away! And it doesn’t stop there! A full trashcan, a co-worker heating up fish downstairs, Daddy’s breath from the garlic ramen he had earlier for lunch…nothing escapes this nose! Sadly, even good smells – like my favorite scented lotion has become overwhelming!

Baby is the size of a raspberry this week and developing webbed fingers and toes! Quack quack! (Just kidding). Also, his (or her) eyelids just about cover your eyeballs now. I bet that’s a relief. Hey Baby, maybe now you can get some shut eye (har har har – these Mom jokes just keep on acomin’)!

I’m We’re (but let’s be honest…Abba’s got no stomach for the crying) sleep training Liam this week and little by little, seeing some progress. I hope he’ll be sleeping through the night by the weekend! Sorry new kid, you’re getting sleep trained at 6 months. I totally regret not doing this sooner.

8 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 0 – still fitting into my jeans (for now!)

Cravings: This is a bit embarrassing buuuuut – McDonald’s Egg McMuffins (served all day at the McD’s by my work, praise baby Jesus) and Haribo gummy bears.

What I’m excited about: No morning sickness!

What I’m nervous about: How will we handle two kids under two? How will Liam adjust? Are we crazy? (and other like-minded rants)

New this week: Cut down caffeine. Just a half a cup (or can) of coffee/Coke every other day. Hey, gotta start somewhere!

Note to Baby: You picked a crazy family to join but, I really think you’re gonna like it here! Love you already!

Dear 2.0

It’s official! You exist! Aba and I went to the Doctor last Friday and we got our first glimpse of you. There you were, a tiny gummi bear with your very own heartbeat! The Doctor said you measured 6 weeks and 2 days which means that today… (drumroll please)… you’re 7 weeks! Woo hoo!

I gotta tell you kid, we’re already off to a great start. No morning sickness! Woot woot! For the record, I didn’t have any morning sickness with your brother either, but, already this pregnancy is a bit different. For starters, Abba and I aren’t quite as nervous as we were the last time around. Maybe it’s because we’ve already seen your heartbeat and been given a due date. Maybe it’s because we’re already parents who’ve managed to keep one baby alive and thriving a whole year! But, while I haven’t really devoted as much time wondering what’s going on in there, I want you to know that it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just feel more confident this time around. This time I just KNOW you’re doin’ OK. So, keep swimmin’ little bluberry, and we’ll see you in another week and a half!

Today you are ten months old.

Dear Liam,

You are an amazing kid and the last 10 months have been all that I hoped for, and so much more.


You have six teeth now. The first two (bottom center) came between 5 and 6 months. Then three appeared just days before we left for Israel. And just a week ago, you got one more! They are giant and bright white and they have changed your face. When you smile you look like a child now, no longer a tiny baby. I love your beautiful little teeth but oh, how I miss that gummy smile!

You say “Abba”, “Mama” and most recently “Tata”. I have no idea what you mean by “Tata”. Do you mean “Safta”? Sara (she’s our neighbor) thinks you mean “boobs”. :/ Personally, I think you may just like the way it sounds. I see you working out new sounds sometimes. “Ta-ta. Taaaaata.” Sometimes you whisper “Ata. Ahhhhhta”. You’ve got the best thinking face.

You aren’t walking just yet (no pressure) but, you crawl lightening fast and you can pull yourself up to stand without any trouble. You also like to climb. Your favorite places in the house are the places we try to keep you away from. This includes the media stand with the glass doors and the fireplace. I think that the fireplace might be your favorite even though the screen almost fell on you twice. :-O

You still wake up in the middle of the night. You cry out some time around 2am. Usually, when I walk in you are standing against the crib with a pacifier in your mouth. Once you see me you reach your arms up to me and my heart goes mushy while I pick you up, feeling your tiny warm body against my own. You eat a bit and always fall right back to sleep. It’s not so bad. At daycare though, you fight naps like crazy and that can be quite stressful for everyone. Boy does Ruthie give me an earful some days!


Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you sit straight up and clap. I love these mornings. I feel like you are celebrating the day and saying “OK. Let’s get started!”. You are generally a morning person. Like Abba.

You are NOT a picky eater. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you spit anything out!  The first spoonful of almost everything gets a face but, once you have tried something, you eat (a lot of) it and seem to enjoy your food. Your first solid food was avocado but, since then you’ve eaten all sorts of goodies: applesauce, sweet potato, peas, chicken, rice, chicken soup, porridge/ oatmeal, broccoli, squash, corn, carrots, turkey…even ice cream! One morning in Israel, I walked into the kitchen and Saba was spooning Ben & Jerry’s Super Fudge Chunk into your mouth! Hahaha Oh! And you really like drinking water from a cup. I think it makes you feel like a big boy.

People really love you. You are very friendly (maybe a tad nosy too hahaha) and everywhere we go people want to say hello and tell us how cute you are. When we were traveling with you, several strangers asked to hold you and during one of our flights, a woman came by and started singing nursery rhymes to you. Your temperament is generally calm. When you cry it is usually because you are very tired or very hungry. You probably got that from me. Sorry!

You LOVE music. You dance and clap along whenever we hear music and it makes Abba and me so happy. We sing a lot. Itsy Bitsy Spider is your favorite even though Abba and I sometimes use it to calm you down when we have to give you medicine or suck boogers from your nose. I sing it too when I clip your nails. You also like: wheels on the bus, the pajama-ma song, if you’re happy and you know it, ya dime ala rhosh and the Safta song that ends in tickles. Oh! And there is a song called “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. This is your favorite radio song. It’s very catchy. I love it too.

You heal so fast! One day you have a small scratch and the next it’s practically disappeared! We call you baby Wolverine lol. You also have a very strong head. Sometimes you bump me with it so hard. I say “ouch!” but you don’t react! Sidenote: Your skin is literally like butter. Smooth, silky and perfectly tanned butter that never peels or burns (don’t worry we put sunscreen on you).

I have learned so much in these last 10 months. I’ve learned to trust my new found Mommy instincts, that I can survive on much less sleep than I thought, that it’s OK to ask Abba for help (he wants to!), that dirty dishes can wait until morning, that the best smell in the world is you, fresh out of the bath, that breast milk is good for pinkeye (and a lot of other things!), that family is not limited by blood or time zones and that the Nose Frida is one of the most rewarding products I’ve ever used. Most days have been great. Some days have been hard. But every single day I am thankful for you.