My Unofficial Mama’s Day. Week 21

IF you’re following me on Instagram you know that our living room furniture was delivered Sunday! Yay! I told everyone that was my “Mother’s Day gift” but I should also mention that Asaf surprised me (which is really hard to do) with the nicest card. Seriously though, it’s pretty impossible not to like a card that’s addressed to “My beautiful wife and future greatest mother on the planet”. Oh! And the card was accompanied by a photo album for all of our sonogram pictures. It was a great gift actually because before receiving the album I was just sticking them in a giant manila envelope. (For shame!)

But… the BEST Mother’s Day gift I received was BABY KICKS! Yup! I’ve finally gotten them! They aren’t super strong but they’re fairly frequent and totally undeniable. I just love feeling his little movements 🙂 He’s growing eyebrows this week and is now about the length of a carrot! Crazy!


Before I go any further, I’d just like to let you all know that as I write this, it’s almost 100 degrees outside! Now, I hate to be a complainer but someone needs to tell the sun to simmer DOWN! It’s only May! Thank goodness for the condo’s much appreciated  central A/C and pool!

Funny story about my first trip to the complex’s pool. Shortly after jumping in (which Asaf later scolded me for) I decided to Instagram a spontaneously choreographed picture of myself. Unfortunately, the result caused me to (literally) laugh out loud. My belly is so BIG I look naked! I swear I’m wearing bikini bottoms. It’s a family pool for goodness sake!20140513_164329

And now that you’ve seen me naked, here’s my 21 week update:

Total weight gain so far: Guess what? The battery went out on our scale! So current weight is TBA! Oh darn.

Cravings: As mentioned it.is.so.hot! So all I want to eat is popsicles. But today I had a grilled (cheddar)cheese with bacon and green apple and I’m already wondering if it’s OK if I eat that again tomorrow.

What I miss: Bathing suits that fit. Wait. Did I ever have that? Nevermind. Next question please!

What I’m excited about: We got a bassinet this week (for those early days)! I keep staring at it and wondering what it will be like with a baby inside.


New this week: I already mentioned the baby kicks and sadly I have nothing new to gross you out about this week. Sorry.

Note to Baby: Thanks for the kicks carrot kid! You’ve got great timing! I like you already 😉