Baby Shower and Name Reveal! 32 weeks


Our baby shower was last weekend and it was fantastic! We had such a great time celebrating Baby Boy Urieli with family and friends. And (somewhat at the last minute) we decided that it was the perfect time to let everyone in on our name choice!


(((Gasp)))”But Liam is on the Top Ten Most Popular Baby Name List!”

Yes. We know. The fact of the matter is, Liam was always our top pick for a boy, even pre-pregnancy. Although I definitely struggled with the fact that it’s made the top 10 list for the last three years, in the end we decided to go with our gut and ignore Baby Naming Commandment #1: “Thou shalt not give Baby a popular name”. Eh. We’re not really that great at following rules anyway and hey, maybe this means he’ll be able to locate his name on a keychain, mug or Disneyland souvenir someday!

Ok back to the shower! So many of our friends went above and beyond to help set up this beautiful party for us. A special shoutout to these lovely ladies! We are truly grateful for all the time and effort that went into all the special details you put together!



Lollipop favors!


Dessert table

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Block painting activity

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Infamous “what’s in that diaper?” candy bar game

Also, a big THANK YOU to all who attended! Liam sure made out like a bandit! He’s definitely going to be one spoiled little baby!


So many cute outfits!

In case you’re wondering, he’s about 4 pounds now and about the size of a large jicama. Sporting toenails, fingernails and actual hair I’d say he’s getting ready for his big debut! 8 weeks to go – 7 if we end up having the C-Section!

My 32 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 22 pounds

Cravings: Nothing crazy to report this week. I’m still eating everything under the sun! 😉

What I’m excited about: Babymoon is just around the corner! Also – 5 more weeks until I’m on maternity leave!

What I’m nervous about: The cramping continues. It’s not constant but it’s enough to bother me throughout the day.

New this week: Wedding ring is getting a little tight! Eek!

Note to Baby: Thanks for not making an appearance at the shower. I was mildly concerned about that. Dad and I are busy getting everything ready for your arrival! We started packing our hospital bag last night and I just couldn’t resist packing 5 outfits for you even though I know you’ll only need 1 or 2! Your Mom likes to be over prepared! Get used to it! 😀