Childbirth Class Take Two (25 weeks)

I wanted to briefly update you on our second childbirth class because it went so much smoother than our first. We covered a LOT including what to pack in your hospital bag, cord blood banking options and internal fetal monitoring I didn’t even realize existed (one involves a small corkscrew wire in the baby’s HEAD which I found to be more than a bit unnerving…). We also watched the end of the video we started last week which documented four women going through transitional and active labor, birth and then delivery of the placenta (which can come out up to 20 minutes after the kid! That was a gross surprise!). I am happy to report that I did not pass out! Actually, I teared up a little. It just goes to show you, these darn hormones are all OVER the place!


I should also mention that Asaf did really well when the Dads reviewed how to read the contraction monitor for duration of each/time between. I feel like we are learning a lot of helpful information (MTV’s 16 and Pregnant can’t teach us everything!). Gold stars this week for the both of us and a gold star for you for reading my blog! 😉

Baby is as big as a cauliflower this week and milestones include lung development, nail growth and a newly acquired sense of equilibrium. Things are also progressing nicely here on the outside …

25 week update:

Total weight gain so far: Put on another pound this week. Up a total of 14 now.

Cravings: I’ve been trying to take it easy with the fruit since my glucose test coming up. It’s been difficult though. I’m dreaming about mangos!

What I miss:  My feet! It’s getting increasingly difficult to buckle my sandals and painting my toenails is near impossible.

What I’m excited about: Although many of the baby books/blogs I’ve read say you might have trouble sleeping around week 25, I’ve been sleeping GREAT! (Actually it’s the waking up part that I find to be difficult) Hope to keep that up as long as I can.

What I’m nervous about: Not sure if I mentioned this before but Baby is currently in breech position. Although I know there is still plenty of time for him to get into the right position, I’m a worst case scenario type of person so naturally I’m assuming he won’t flip in time.

New this week: Heartburn and acid reflux. No fun! Also, I won’t be entering any competitive eating contests anytime soon. I’ve officially lost the ability to eat large meals. As Baby grows, the room in my stomach decreases. End result? Getting full much faster.

My new BFF. And a photobomb by Klevster.

TUMS to the rescue!

Note to Baby: I am easily distracted these days by your wiggles and kicks. It feels selfish but I’m enjoying this time we have together. Only three more months til you’re out and I have to share you with the world 🙂



Childbirth Class 1- Melody 0

You might remember that a few weeks ago (here) I decided to sign us up for Childbirth Preparation classes. We attended the first of four classes last Tuesday. The first three classes cover childbirth and the fourth week is about drugs and knives anesthesia and cesarean sections. 

There were six couples in our class. All first timers. Our instructor, a L&D veteran named Wendy, asked us to go around the room and introduce ourselves and very soon it became obvious that Asaf and I had the farthest due date out. While I was proud of us for being “ahead of the game”, it also occured to me that we might just forget everything we’d learned before the big day arrived. Here’s to hoping that my elephant memory will be good for more than just random trivia.

Anyways, after introductions we watched a short video (from the 80s…seriously, is every health education film pre-1990?) about early labor and how to distinguish Braxton Hicks contractions from actual labor contractions. This was pretty interesting but as the video progressed and they went into the complexity of dilating cervixes, something happened. My palms started to feel really sweaty, the room suddenly felt very small and my heartbeat was now POUNDING in my ears. I seriously thought I might pass out! I mean, I’ve known that this is how (some/most) babies are born since forever (my parents never went into all that stork stuff) but all of a sudden it hit me! This would be happening to me…fairly soon. And there’s no looking back.

We took a break (obviously every pregnant lady in there needed to pee) and Asaf and I went outside for some air. He said, “Are you ok?” and I told him that I was freaking out a little. Being the comforting partner that he is he said, “Yeah I could tell. You were getting all antsy in there.” and I made a face. We talked about how a gagillion women go into labor every day, how even if it’s really bad it won’t last forever and that at the end of it all, at least they send you home with a really nice keepsake for your trouble. Then we made fun of the other couples in class. Once I was breathing again we headed back in. The remainder of the class was focused on breathing exercises. By the end of it all I was feeling much better and I’m almost looking forward to class again next week. Almost.

Note to baby: Sorry your Mom is weak sauce. On the upside, Dad seems to be holding up ok.