15 weeks

Last week we finally made our big announcement!




babygirl_party hat

I decided to switch things up a little for the Instagram announcement since many of my Instagram followers are also Facebook friends. Plus, I’ve been dying to share an ultrasound photo! I think it’s so adorable when expectant parents add little bows or bow ties to sonogram pictures to indicate gender. But, I wanted to be a little different so I chose a party hat. After all, it’s time to celebrate! Woot woot!

Baby girl is now the size of a navel orange and looking more like a human and less like a (cute) fish every day! She is learning to wiggle her fingers and toes and may even be able to suck her thumb! How adorable!

In unrelated news, it seems like Liam has caught that little bug that was/is goin’ around. It started out as a little cough and then a runny nose early in the week. I was hoping *really* hard that it wouldn’t get worse. I pumped that little guy full of (the recommended dose/s) of Hyland’s Tiny Cold tablets and Zarbees Baby vitamin supplements daily, dressed him like we were heading North for the Winter AND put Vick’s on his feet before bed. By Thursday it looked like I was winning the war. But here we are, the following Wednesday — with a nose full of boogies.  ::shrug::

Aside from battling boogers, I’ve been keeping busy cooking and trying to keep our house from looking like a tornado ran through it. And of course, entertaining the little dude. We have to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just for a walk to the grocery store or a quick trip to the park. If not, we’ll go cuckoo bananas!

Week 15 update:

Total weight gain so far: No idea. My guess is 10 pounds?

Cravings: It’s been (finally) getting a little cooler here so I made Asaf’s Mom’s sweet potato soup this week. Always good.

What I’m excited about: Finally revealed our big “secret”. Feels great to share our news with everyone!

What I’m nervous about: Got some not-so-great news about health insurance this week. Geez – it’s so pricey!

New this week: Waking up STARVING! Like, “I am getting married in a week and the dress is two sizes too small” starving. Not so fun. I’d rather sleep!

Note to Baby: We’ve started talking about what your name might be! I have this idea that I thought of, even before I knew you were coming… ooo so exciting!