Hospital Maternity Tour – Chhheck! 23 weeks

This week we attended the maternity tour for Providence Tarzana which is the hospital I’ll be delivering at (in only 3 1/2 months!!!). It was actually pretty informative and *score* we won a free pack of diapers!


Our very first pack of diapers!

The hospital is about 15 minutes from home, the parking is convenient and the nurses seem to be very nice. But the best thing we found out during the presentation was that after I deliver our baby, the doctors and nurses will leave him alone with us for what they call a baby/parent bonding “golden hour”. After which, they will come back in to weigh, examine and bathe him in my room! Right in front of us! They even said that if I needed to have a C-Section, we (the baby and I) would only be apart for about 20 minutes and during that time, Asaf could stay with the baby and that we’d meet up again in my postpartum room. Such good news!

And the good news keeps coming! This week our baby is the size of a grapefruit! (I know this picture looks a bit like an orange but I swear it’s a grapefruit!) Certain sounds are becoming familiar to him now. It’s amazing to think he might recognize our voices (maybe even a Maroon 5 song or two) before we even meet!IMG_20140527_221642

My 23 week update:

Total weight gain so far: No weight gain this week! Still holding strong at 13 lbs.

Cravings: This week I had a dream about French toast and when I woke up I just had to have some! Also, I ate 8 nectarines (not all at one time) this week. That’s practically a bushel!

What I’m excited about: Looking forward to sharing our first childbirth class experience with you next week!

What I’m nervous about: See above and be sure to visit next week.

New this week: I’m hot! I mean, really hot! Lately it seems that I just can’t drink enough ice water and sadly I’ve become that obnoxious lady who fans herself while asking whomever is around “Are you hot?” and then proclaiming the obvious “It’s so hot today!”. Also, I’ve been very clumsy this week. I’ve been bumping into things nonstop and on our way to breakfast last Saturday, I tripped over a curb and took a little tumble. Thankfully I caught myself before my tummy hit the pavement but still, it shook us all up a bit.

Note to Baby: Daddy finally felt your little kicks on Saturday! He was really looking forward to that. Keep up the good work little love of mine! ❤