::singing:: Whooah, we’re half way there… (20 weeks)

Everybody now! Livin’ on a prayer “…

So anyway, this week we celebrated the official pregnancy halfway point! I feel incredibly fortunate that so far everything has been rather easy and I’m hoping that my luck will continue for the second half of preggohood. Fingers (toes, and eyeballs) crossed! 🙂

I met with my new OB this week, Dr. Russo. Overall I’m relieved/feeling good about the fact that she would be delivering our baby. She is very personable and expressed that she would support any birth plan that I felt comfortable with (epidural vs. non-medicated). As a bonus, her office happens to be right next to the hospital we’ll be delivering at so after my appointment, I took the opportunity to sign us up for their Maternity Tour later this month. Everyone I know who has delivered at this hospital has had a pretty positive experience which I find comforting.

Also, I attended my first prenatal yoga class! It was a little harder than I originally expected (my downward dog definitely needs some work!) but I felt amazing afterwards!

Baby is about the length of a banana this week and guess what?! He’s got working taste buds now! Hmmm, I wonder what his favorite food will be? 1399614434073 Time for the 20 week rundown:

Total weight gain so far: Houston, we’ve hit double digits. I’m up 10 pounds this week!

Cravings: I still want fruit all the time but my Doctor has asked me to keep it to three servings a day (unlimited vegetables) until we do my glucose screening next month.

What I miss: Excedrin. That probably sounded bad. See, I get crazy migraines from time to time (even pre-pregnancy) and a couple of Excedrins always did the trick. Now that I’m preggo, Excedrin is a no no. Actually, I’m trying to avoid all painkillers unless absolutely necessary which means I’ve got to learn to work around the occasional headache. It’s a pain. Literally.

What I’m excited about: We’ve started to make nursery plans and we’ll be registering soon! Oh, and I won a baby gate at a Babies R’ Us raffle over the weekend.

New this week: Some swelling in my hands and feet over the weekend. Nothing major but definitely noticeable. Also, more crazy dreams!

Note to Baby: Thanks for hanging in there with us! Just 4 more months (or so) to go!