Puppy Love

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As many of you know, Asaf and I already have a baby (kinda) — our nine year old diabetic Shih Tzu, Pebbles (nicknamed Klevster). Here’s something you may not know (I definitely didn’t know this 3 months ago) dogs sense pregnancy! Geez! Think about all the money I could have saved on pregnancy tests! Anyways, as this little barnacle was attached to my side, I managed to Google this phenomenon and found this quote which pretty much describes our current household dynamics (though thankfully she isn’t big on barking). You can find the whole article here: Baby Center Link

It’s common for dogs to go on alert and become overprotective of their expecting owner from the very beginning of her pregnancy. I’ve worked with dogs that growled, barked, or blocked doors with their bodies to prevent other family members — even the baby’s father — from coming into the same room as the mom-to-be.

Nikole Gipps, Animal Behavioralist

When the baby arrives, I’ll probably lose my little furry shadow and she’ll go back to being best friends with whomever is most likely to drop their food. In the meantime, I am really enjoying the constant company. After all, Klevster never complains about my questionable television show selections ::cough cough Honey Boo Boo:: and she doesn’t shoot me a sideways glance when I accidentally finish off all the peach sorbet. What more can a prego girl ask for?