16 weeks

Week 16, you weren’t so sweet. This week I came down with whatever it was that Liam had. It was awful and I even spread a lil somethin’ somethin’ to Asaf (although, thankfully he seems to be recovering in record time which I am thrilled about because, let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that a sick husband when you’re carrying an avocado sized baby in your belly and you’ve got a booger filled Little AND you’re feeling less than 100 yourself).

temp funny file

Let’s talk some more about that little avocado though, shall we? This week her eyes have started moving back and forth, even though her eyelids are still sealed shut. Also, she now has eyelashes and eyebrows. Hopefully she won’t inherit my crazy eyebrows. Actually, scratch that. Crazy eyebrows can be tamed. I’d hate it if she didn’t have any eyebrows at all!

Week 16 update:

Total weight gain so far: Next week I promise this number will be more accurate. I’m going to the doctor on the 20th. For now, let’s guesstimate 8.

Cravings: More soup this week. I finally got around to roasting the pumpkin Liam painted for Halloween (see below) and I made it into a pumpkin, apple, carrot soup. I used a recipe from Pioneer woman (found here  if you’re the curious type) but, it wasn’t coming out so great so I had to improvise by adding the apple and carrots and additional spices. Turned out very nice but, not sure I can ever make it the same way again! hahaha

What I’m excited about: Liam and I have enrolled in Gymboree and I’m setting up all sorts of play dates for him. Also, I’ve gone through his newborn – 6 months clothes and sorted out all the things that 2.0 can use. I’m happy to announce that there is quite a lot since I’ve always loved a girl in navy blue and gray 😉 Just need to add a few pink hair bows.

What I’m nervous about:Preparing for our trip next month to Israel. A bit nervous about the 12 hour flight!

New this week: Started making a list of things we need for 2.0. So far: bouncer, bottle warmer, new cushion for nursing chair, baby carrier. How did we survive without these things before? Easy. We didn’t. We borrowed these for Liam and have since given them back 🙂