Week 28

This week I’ve been having a ton of weird dreams. First, I had a funny dream which pretty much revolved around a strawberry pie that my friend Donna made. And the next night I dreamt that I, very nonchalantly, gave birth in my Grandma’s bathtub! I was taking a bath and then, as I leaned over, the baby just slid right out! She didn’t cry but, I clearly remember her looking up at me with a puzzled expression. I cleaned her up, wrapped her up in a towel (no messy cord or placenta to worry about in my dream birth) and praised her for such a quick and painless arrival. Haha! If only!

And according to this, I may not be the only one dreaming!

Dreaming about your baby at 28 weeks pregnant? Your baby may be dreaming about you, too. Brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase — the stage when dreaming occurs.

via http://www.whattoexpect.com

Oh, what could my little eggplant be dreaming about?

In other news, Liam went back to (part-time) daycare this week and it’s been an adjustment for the both of us. On the one hand, I feel like I have so much time to myself now! Between yesterday and today I was able to clean, go shopping, enjoy a free bagel at Noah’s Bagels (it was national bagel day!), indulge in a MUCH needed manicure/pedicure, get a haircut AND take the mom-mobile to the car wash! But, I just can’t help missing my little guy! No matter how much I get done, the best part of my day is picking him up from daycare and getting the best. hugs. ever!

Week 28 update:

Total weight gain so far: No clue as I have yet to step on the scale after last week’s revelation. Guess you’ll have to wait for next week!

Cravings: I waited anxiously for my glucose test results this week which only made me crave the sugar I was trying to avoid. So, I had a boatload of mandarin oranges (fresh, not the canned ones – although those are pretty good too).

What I’m excited about: I passed my glucose test! Hip Hip Hooray! My iron is still a little low so my Doctor suggested more red meat, leafy greens and …red grapes! I love red grapes (I especially love when grapes turn into wine but that’s another story for another day)! How did I not know that these were high in iron?

What I’m nervous about: Writing out birth plan scenarios this week. Even though I hope to go the planned c-section route, there are so many unknowns. :/ Plus, we will need to rely on others for help with Liam and I just hate being a burden.

New this week: Booked a newborn/family session this week! So excited about that! Also, received the swaddle blanket I mentioned in last week’s post. I can’t wait to wrap our girl up in it!


Week 27 – Hello 3rd Trimester

We’ve officially entered third trimester! Here’s what’s happening:

Before I start with the baby stuff, I have to tell you about the new reed diffuser I bought for our bedroom. Guys, I think I am OBSESSED! It smells sooooo good! Technically I think it’s considered a holiday scent (aisle end clearance section, holla!) but I’m in <3!  The awful part? I tossed the box before I knew that it was my scent soulmate and now I don’t know what exact scent is. I’ve since been to Target and have had no luck finding another! Wah!

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

This week, I’ve been putting in some effort towards taking a step back and really experiencing this pregnancy (though she’s pretty hard to ignore these days). Some examples: When I wake up, I make sure to say “Good Morning” to her before heading out to greet Liam and Asaf. And when I sing Liam his bedtime songs (Can’t Help Falling In Love and Love Me Tender, in case you’re curious), I rub my belly so she knows I’m singing to her too. Occasionally, I’ll even ask if she liked the peanut butter toast or the chocolate chip cookie I just ate. Note: I always imagine her nodding enthusiastically to any and all food related questions. Also, I bought her a swaddle blanket today. Isn’t it just the sweetest? Now to hunt down some baby bows!


At almost a 2 full pounds, she is now the size of a cauliflower head! She has been moving quite a lot this week and I think she is prone to hiccups! But the big news of the week is that she can now recognize our voices! How exciting!

Her auditory development(hearing) is progressing as the network of nerves to the ears matures — though the sounds she hears are muffled thanks to the creamy coating of vernix covering those ears.


I love knowing that she is already becoming familiar with us, even before she arrives!

Week 27 update:

Total weight gain so far: So, I went to the Doctor this week and discovered that I’ve gained 24 pounds! I would like to mention that I had a big breakfast the day I was weighed, but still, slightly more than I was expecting.

Cravings: Trying to cut back on the junk this week so, Liam and I have been eating a lot of Jazz apples from Trader Joe’s. Sweet with just a hint of sour.

What I’m excited about: Taking a look at photographers this week. I regret not having newborn pictures taken of Liam and really want to book someone with experience taking great sibling shots!

What I’m nervous about: Waiting on the results from my glucose test! Eek!

New this week: This week I had a pregnancy massage while Asaf and Liam went to Gymboree. It was super relaxing and the masseuse said I had great skin. 😉

Note to Baby: We’ve set up the bassinet in our room and little by little we are getting ready for your arrival. Just sit back and relax – you’re doing great in there!

30 years young and 9 months pregnant. (Week 36/37)

Apologies for skipping out on last week’s blog post! I’ll try my best to give you a double whammy of goodness to make up for it. Monday was my first official day of maternity leave and I pretty much spent it maxin’ and relaxin’ like a Fresh Prince(ss). I hung out by the pool, finished up Season 2 of OITNB, did my first load of adorably tiny baby clothes/blankets and snacked to my heart’s content. It was awesome! Tuesday through Friday were my G.S.D (Get Sh*t DONE) days and so I spent those days doing things I figure I might not have the chance to do once Liam arrives. This list included going to the dentist, taking Klevster for her check up at the vet, getting new glasses, organizing the nursery and of course, napping. I also saw my Grandma for lunch which was a treat in itself. All in all, it felt great to check so many items off my long, long, LONG to do list.

Oh yeah, and I turned 30. Last year Asaf asked me how I’d like to spend my 30th birthday and I told him I wanted to take a trip to Mexico. Someplace where I could wear a bikini all day and consume an obscene amount of margaritas and tacos — beach-side of course. Instead, I celebrated with overpriced pizza and an ice cream sundae — amongst a crowd full of hipsters. So I guess you could say, my birthday was a little bit different than I had expected. Not worse. Just different. Although I didn’t get my dream vacation, I really feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be (aside from the hipsters). This is where I belong. Here, waiting for our little Liam to arrive.

Liam is officially full term now and estimated to be about 6.5-7 lbs (the size of a watermelon!!!). He is stretching and rolling around all the time now and since he is breech, his head is tucked just under my rib cage, making it difficult for me to take deep breaths. Here’s something kinda fun though: I’ve noticed that lately he tends to move his head over to whichever side Asaf is sitting on. I imagine him putting his tiny ear close to the inside of my skin, trying to listen in on our conversations.

Next week will be my last Doctor visit before the big day. I have to go in for some blood tests and then we’ll go over what to expect with the whole c-section procedure. I’ve been fortunate enough to get lots of great tips (ahem: Colace!) from family and friends who have had c-sections so I’m actually not too nervous about the surgery. Also, I’m meeting again with the doula who will be handling my placenta encapsulation. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

36/37 week update:

Total weight gain so far: Up 30 lbs now!

Cravings: Apples and peanut butter. Limeade (which I can’ t resist even though it gives me extreme heartburn). 😦

What I’m excited about: Less than two weeks until delivery day! Passed my Group B Strep test! Nursery is just about complete!

What I’m nervous about: I’ve filed for disability but since it’s my first time I don’t really know what to expect. I hope that it won’t take too long to process my first check.

New this week: I’m feeling so gigantic big now! Confession: I’ve been not-so-secretly borrowing Asaf’s t-shirts and boxer shorts to wear around the house. I can’t help it! His clothes are just sooooo much more comfortable!

Note to Baby: Well kid, we made it to the watermelon stage. You’ll be here in less than two weeks and we could not be more excited! You are already our greatest achievement and we love you so so much. See you soon!





Babymooning in San Diego- Week 35


This past weekend we threw some clothes in a suitcase, packed up a cooler and the Klevster and headed down to beautiful San Diego for our much-anticipated babymoon!

First up was Fiesta Island Dog Park. It was our first time there so I’m not 100% that we ended up at the right place buuuuut the parking was free and I did see at least one other pooch so I’m fairly confident we didn’t break any laws. The weather was lovely and the whole scene was very relaxing. It’s amazing what a little sun and fresh air can do. Tell me this isn’t the face of a very relaxed pup!


After a few hours we decided to head over to the hotel for check in. Once we freshened up, we left Klevster to nap and it was Phil’s BBQ time! We’d been here once before about two years ago and Asaf swears it’s the best BBQ he’s ever eaten. I have to admit, it may have been even more delicious this time around (even though we waited in line for an hour and a half!).


Finally, we headed over to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy and shared a cream cheese brownie and a single serving of their chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. I wish I had taken a picture of this drool-worthy masterpiece but we just couldn’t wait to dig in! We started eating this on the way to the car and polished it all off before we got back to the hotel! I stole borrowed this picture from http://www.foodtruckadventure.com. Here’s a nice write-up they did on ED.


Although the weekend went by REALLY FAST we had a great time. It’s fun to think that the next time we visit, we’ll have a baby with us!

Speaking of Baby, he’s the size of a honeydew melon this week! His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. By the way – still in breech position!


35 week update:

Total weight gain so far: I forgot to check the weight on my scale today but I went to the Dr. today. They said I’m up to 24 lbs now.

Cravings: Staying away from Mexican food this week since that seemed to really trigger the heartburn last week.

What I’m excited about: Friday is my last day at work! Woo hoo!

What I’m nervous about: Took my Group B Strep test today at the Dr.’s office. Tests always make me nervous!

New this week: For the last few days I’ve been experiencing achy feet. Only in the morning, as soon as I roll out of bed. I had a sneaky suspicion I might be moonlighting as a ballerina in my sleep so I looked it up. Alas, it appears I’m not alone. Several factors including weight gain, relaxin, edema and dehydration may be to blame. Ah the joys of pregnancy 🙂

Note to Baby: Next week is Mom’s birthday! Pizza and cake coming your way soon! xx

Week 33 – Mucus & Maternity Photos

I’m going to be honest with you, this week has been a little rough. I started feeling really stressed out Thursday and Saturday I began having some rather intense Braxton Hicks contractions. Also, (WARNING: this might be is definitely TMI) I’m pretty sure I’m in the process of losing my mucus plug. (I’ll spare you the details. Ew). Aside from THAT, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to sit, stand, breathe and/or sleep for any prolonged amount of time… And yet, I still feel like a major turd for complaining because the fact of the matter is, I’m so damn happy we’ve made it this far. 33 weeks down! 6 weeks to go!

Did you notice I said 6? Today I had a visit with my OB and she confirmed what I pretty much already knew, this stubborn baby of ours didn’t turn! And at this point, there’s a good chance he won’t. So we’re scheduled for a C-Section on September 12th at noon. They’ll slice me open and pull a baby out! How bizarre!

Anyways, I’m not all gruesome news today. I’ve got some nice stuff to share too. Maternity photos by the lovely Carissa Woo!

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-76

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-94

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-54

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-8

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-44

Melodee Asaf Maternity - Carissa Woo Photography-102

They say Liam is about the length of a pineapple now (17-19 inches) and weighs nearly 5 lbs this week. Highlights include building his own immune system and learning to differentiate between light and dark/night and day. Let’s hope he’s working extra hard at that last one! 😉

My 33 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 23 pounds

Cravings: Fruit. Is it just me or is the fruit this summer especially good? Also, juice and occasionally an Oreo cookie.

What I’m excited about: Asaf’s Mom booked her plane ticket! She’ll arrive a few weeks after Liam comes home and will stay almost a month. I am looking forward to her help and also her cooking!

What I’m nervous about: Aside from the c-section news, my OB said I need to work on taking it easy and staying hydrated. If I push myself too much I risk going into early labor. 😦 I am considering taking my maternity leave one week earlier than I originally planned.

New this week: Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re no joke!

Note to Baby: You spend a lot of time tucked under my diaphragm and today you were hiding behind my belly button. I can’t wait to see what kind of mischief you’ll be up to once you’re out!

Let’s talk about C-Sections Baby – 30 weeks

Friday we had an appointment with my OB. She confirmed that the ultrasound we did on Tuesday showed no abnormalities (yay!) and (as reported in last week’s update) that Baby is a little on the large side. Even so, she didn’t want to change my due date.  We discussed Baby’s position (still breech) and she recommended that we schedule a C-Section for September 12th if he doesn’t turn in the next 4-6 weeks. Given his size (and mine – which I hadn’t realized might be an issue), she didn’t seem very hopeful but did suggest some methods that might encourage him to move. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Walking around on all fours – I think this is confusing the heck out of our Dog and it’s not too easy on my old lady knees since our whole place is hardwood.
  • Taking a lukewarm bath – this is supposed to relax my pelvic muscles.
  • Lying down on an incline w/ and w/o the assistance of frozen food placed near Baby’s head. (see below)IMG_20140713_115312
  • Playing music and using light on the underside of my belly to “draw him down”.

Let me be clear, a C-Section delivery isn’t/ wasn’t part of my original birth plan but it’s definitely a path I’m preparing myself to take should it be in the best interests of both me and Baby. After all, not everything in life goes according to plan. My main goal is to bring this kid into the world – happy and healthy. And C-Sections aren’t all bad. Here is a list of my top 5 pros for C-Section deliveries:

  1. No risk of pooping on the delivery table. Sorry for the TMI but I assure you this is a legitimate concern.
  2. I’m a planner by nature (I hate surprises!) so I think I might find some satisfaction from being able to schedule/ “control” my delivery. Knowing my delivery date and time would also make it easier to plan Klevster’s care while I am in the hospital.
  3. No potential water breakage mess to clean up.
  4. 9/12 is a Friday which will make it convenient for those who wish to visit us over the weekend (including my Mom who lives nearly 2 hours away).
  5. Recovery time is longer but actual delivery time is MUCH shorter. The whole surgery takes less than 30 minutes! Potentially we could meet our baby days or weeks sooner than we originally expected.

He’s the size of a cucumber now which strikes me as a little odd since last week’s vegetable was a butternut squash. In my opinion, those are typically much larger than a cucumber!  In any case, Baby is about 3 ½ pounds now. Development milestones include bone marrow production, which will help him to thrive once he’s born and shedding of the lanugo (soft hair covering his body) which is no longer needed now that his brain and fat cells are regulating his body temperature.

30 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 19 lbs. Doctor says I’m right on track but that I might gain a bit more due to fluid retention which is super common, especially for women who are pregnant during the summer months.

Cravings: Still suffering from a decreased appetite this week. Highlight: I had a Krispy Kreme donut last night –fresh from the conveyor belt thingy! What a treat! (I know what you’re thinking…I didn’t eat these all by myself!…But I could have!)


What I’m excited about: Asaf and I had a really good coupon day on Saturday! We were able to stock up on diapers, wipes and toilet paper at Target using multiple discounts and ended up saving over $60! Say whaaaa?! Also, we finally picked out a color to paint the nursery. (Behr Simply Blue)


What I’m nervous about: See breech/C-Section rant above.

New this week: I seemed to be extra clumsy this week. I dropped a box of slivered almonds AND the pepper grinder. Both times I made a big mess in the kitchen. 😦 Also, I have a scratch on my knee and absolutely no idea how it got there.

Note to Baby: It would be nice if you decided to turn but if you don’t, it’ll be OK. No pressure. Really. If there’s one thing I’d like you to know about this family, it’s that we make the best out of whatever comes our way. And you know what? So far it’s turned out pretty great.

Third Trimester Check-Up – 29 weeks

While America celebrated a birthday this week (no, it isn’t 2014 years old) WE celebrated week 29 of preggohood! And as an added bonus, my sister Sophia came to stay with us over the long holiday weekend. Sophia is 5 (and 1/2) and she is a character! When Asaf and I first started dating I used to babysit her a lot and as a result, she’s known him practically as long as she’s known me. Weekends with her are always an adventure. This time around we took her to Hurricane Harbor (a water park). We scored big time as our friends Leslie and Kevin have season passes and were able to bring us in for freeeeeeeeeee! She said it was the bestest day EVER.


Yesterday we had our 3rd trimester check up at Cedars. The Dr. there told us that Baby is measuring one week ahead of schedule! Currently they estimate his weight at 3lbs 6 oz which puts him in the 55th percentile. Unfortunately, Baby is still breech but, they said that most babies move into the correct position between 32-36 weeks so I shouldn’t be too concerned. Did you know that only 4% of babies don’t turn at all? I haven’t done my own research on this (maybe I don’t want to know if this isn’t true) but it was comforting nevertheless. Lastly, they couldn’t give us a clear shot of his face yesterday which really bummed me out. He was hiding behind his umbilical cord. A camera shy baby? Oh no, that just won’t do!


Our not-so-great 3rd trimester sonogram pic

So this week Baby is supposed to be the size of a butternut squash but it seems he’s already ahead of his time! We’ve gone ahead and moved onto pineapple status! And over the next 11 weeks, he’ll more than double — or even come close to tripling — his weight! I don’t know how he’s going to do it. He already seems to be pretty squished in there!

My 29 week update:

Total weight gain so far: 19 lbs.

Cravings: My Mom read my blog post from last week and was appalled at the amount of $ I spent on cherries. She bought me 4lbs of them!!! No other cravings. Actually, I’m having less of an appetite lately. I always feel full. 😦

What I’m excited about: Currently planning a babymoon! I’m really looking forward to a quiet little getaway before our little guy makes his big arrival!

This week’s rant: Dear Victoria’s Secret, Please give a girl a break and stop sending me weekly catalogs! I am in no mood to see beautiful (and possibly malnourished) bikini clad models. My giant melon boobs have no use for your currently featured “bralettes” and my trunk is currently packed with junk that will overload those “cheeksters” you keep talking about. Semi-annual sale or not, you are getting to be quite depressing!

New this week: Lately Baby has discovered that my bladder can be used as a trampoline. Although I’m supportive of his need for recreational activities, I’m living in constant fear of wetting my pants! Not funny Mister!

Note to Baby: This week I had a dream that you came out while I was on my way to our baby shower. (In my dream) I was mildly surprised but decided to just wrap you up and bring you along. I’d like to think this indicates that I’m prepared for anything and not just that I wouldn’t let birth get in the way of a good party. In any case, please no surprise appearance at (or on the way to) your shower. Thanks!